Prazna knjiga – What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex


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Prazna knjiga – What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex


Izvrsna zabava za prijatelje!


Prazna knjiga, koja može poslužiti i kao zabavna bilježnica za sastanke.


There’s a veritable cornucopia of words that can be used to describe President Donald J. Trump. Sadly they can’t all fit inside this book.

Born and raised in the New York borough of Queens, he took over the family business in 1971. After several high-profile marriages, multiple lawsuits and bankruptcies, and a starring role in “reality” television, the next step was obvious… he became president of the United States.

R. Lee Copperhead has done extensive research, travelling far and wide to interview countless sources. Here, at last, he can finally and dramatically reveal the philosophies of a man whose work exerts a profound influence on modern society.

Hold on to your hat, because the contents of this book will leave you speechless.



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